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Frequently Aksed Questions

How do I join Dyson Gymnastics?
Joining is conditional on there being space available so it's important to check with us beforehand. The easiest way to do this is to send an email to with a request for information.
When are we open
Jan 4th through to July 28th
Sept 3rd through to Dec 21st
  • Bank holidays, half terms etc
We open all year round except for the summer period and end of year period excluded above, this includes the bank holidays and half terms during the opening times above. These are therefore invoiced.
Any changes to this will be emailed out.
Does my child need to have any starting ability for certain classes?
Absolutely not, our recreational classes are available and encouraged for children of all abilities.
Do you have squad groups for more experienced children ?
Yes, we have a variety of squad groups and festival groups that work on entering competitions or displays around both the local area and national area. These do require a trial to join to ensure a certain level of ability and commitment is present.
Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


You can join at any time during the year as long as there are spaces available so please call or email to check spaces for the session you are interested in. 

Can we try the class before committing?

Of course, we offer a pay on the day class to allow you to try the class before signing up to our termly blocks. These cost either £12 for 1 hour or £20 for 2 hours.

How expensive are your classes?

We currently charge monthly and a 1 hr a week class is £45 a month and 2hrs a week is £80. Further hours get discounted but please email for further details.


Please bear in mind this does not include initial deposit (£10), annual Dyson membership fees (£10) and British Gymnastics membership for insurance (£22*). The annual costs of these are when you first join and they renew every Sept each year except the one time deposit cost. 

If you already have a valid British Gymnastics membership you do not need to pay for this again you can simply add our club to your profile to be covered.


How do I pay for Dyson Gymnastics classes?

Currently the taster class we ask for cash on the day after this to join we ask for bank transfers. Please email for bank details.

Please note, fees are paid each month and must be paid up front.


What should my child wear for class?


Leotards or sports clothing such as shorts, leggings, jogging bottoms and t-shirts.  Long hair must be tied back and children work in bare feet but please ensure if they are suffering verruca's that they have socks to wear.


Are your classes insured?


Club, coaches and gymnasts are all registered with British Gymnastics who provide comprehensive insurance as part of the membership.

Can I attend without British Gymnastics membership?

You can attend a taster class without membership but if you intend to join you must be registered with British Gymnastics or you wont be able to be taught.


Are your teachers qualified and DBS approved?

All coaching staff are either qualified or working towards qualifications and all sessions have at least one UKCC level 2 qualified coach present at all times. Any coaches over 16 are checked through the DBS.


Can parents watch?


Parents are welcome to stay and watch from the parents area. Seating is limited and often very busy at 4pm. 


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


The target ratio of children per coach is 6:1 in our younger recreational classes and no more than 8 to 1 in the older recreational classes, this is to ensure the children get plenty of feedback and interaction with coaches and equipment.


What should I do if I wish to stop coming?
If and when you wish to leave please inform me by 21st of the current month you attend. We do not refund for any lessons missed due to illness or leaving mid term. You are always welcome to finish the current term that you have paid for regardless of if you inform us you're leaving at the end of month. If we are informed by the 21st of the month prior you will be entitled to claim your deposit money back, just send bank details to for this within 2 months of leaving.
Do I need to pay for every class even if I cant attend?
Yes, your child will be taking a space in the class and whether you attend or not the space is kept for you and thus needs to be paid for.
Can I change days ?
If you are looking for a long term change of day then we will accommodate this when possible space permitting please let us know asap.
If you are wanting a short term move as you would miss a class then this is not possible, we don't have the space to accommodate this or to do make up sessions etc.
What if I am late paying  for the term?
Please note late payments will have a £5 fee applied. Each school year you will be given 1 grace period of a late payment without incurring this cost after which you will be charged £5 for any late payments. A late payment for a term is considered any payment not RECEIVED by the end of the day on the 1st of the new month.
If payment is still not received by the end of day of the 7th of the new month you will be removed and the space will be available for other children.


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