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From Office to Gym

The diary of Dyson Gymnastics, Hove.

After weeks of hard work and with all the apparatus in place, Dyson Gymnastics Club officially opened its doors in September 2014.

Feedback was good but there was one thing that seemed to be causing problems.

In our attempts to have a safe, level and seamless floor for our gymnasts we had used a sealent that was causing some staining issues.

After looking in to possible solutions, it was decided to cover the entire floor with a new, single piece top layer.

This arrived in the coming days and meant more hard work for Team Dyson (and again for Daddy Dyson-Bottle).

The resulting flooring not only overcame the staining problem but also added much needed light and softness to the gym which the kids seem to love.



Before new flooring

New, light and soft flooring


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