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Lancing College Prep School Fete

On Saturday 21st June 2014 Myself and 4 gymnasts went to the Lancing College prep school fete. We set a small display area where the gymnasts showed some of the general and acrobatic gymnastics moves that they are learning and we invited the public to have a go at our Handstand competition.

  • First place went to a year 6 boy

  • Second place went to year 5 boy

  • Third place went to a young girl not yet attending the school.

Each child won a union jack Wendal teddy, a gold, silver or bronze medal and 2 free gymnastics lessons.

The weather was great and the Fete was fun with lots of fliers handed out by my lovely assistants who worked hard all day.

Thanks for your help Beth, Zoe, Anya & Leon.


More photos in the gallery

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