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Open Trial for squad groups Sunday May 8th

Open Trial for squad groups Sunday May 8th

As we will have a larger venue we are also going to be extending our squad groups from June and so we are holding an open trial for anyone born in 2010 or earlier (gymnasts need to be aged 7+ in the year of competition so those born in 2010 can compete from January 2017 onwards).

This trial will be on Sunday 1st May between 10am and 4pm, each age category will be assigned a 1 hour slot within this time, you will be advised of the exact time slot you need to attend on Monday 2nd May.

If your child would like to come along to trial for the squad please tell us your childs name & date of birth and send payment of £5.00 to cover the trial no later than Sunday 1st may.

We will be running the following squads on Sundays from June:

Prep squad (for children born in 2009 & 2010) 1.5 hours – 10am to 11.30pm. This squad is a starter squad for the youngest members of the squad, they will be offered to enter level 1 tumble competitions but should they feel they are not yet ready they do not need to enter but we do ask everyone to enter at least 1 competition before moving on to the other squad groups. Each year the oldest age group will be moved from the prep squad to either the GFA, tumble or back to recreational. We ask that those born in 2009 attend at least one competition before the end of this year.

GFA (Gymnastics For All) 1.5 hour squad – 10am to 11.30am. This squad runs like a standard 1.5 hour session but the gymnasts will also be taught the level 1 & 2 tumble routines and offered to enter these competitions. This is a good group for gymnasts that aren’t ready for the higher levels and for those that wish to compete for fun. We ask that gymnasts in this group enter at least 50% of the competitions offered each year. We do around 3 or 4 a year.

Tumble squad 3 hours – 12pm to 3pm. This is our higher level squad and as such we expect members of this squad to attend at least 80% of the competitions each year.

The main skills we are looking for to be eligible for the first level of tumble competitions are forward rolls, backwards rolls & cartwheels. Additionally on the day we will be looking at strength, flexibility, ability to link moves in to a routine, general behaviour and speed with which they pick up new ideas/corrections.

If your child is successful in their trial you will receive an email offering them a place in either the GFA, Prep or Tumble squad within one week of the trial. For those not quite ready for competitions you will receive an email to let you know and they will be welcome to trial again the following year.

Acro/Display squad 1hour – 3pm to 4pm. This will be by invitation only.

Anyone already assigned a squad position will automatically be assigned a space in the relevant Sunday squad.

Please note as a squad member there are additional fees which will be explained to you in more depth if you pass the trial, they include an upgrade to BG membership, Competition entries, Squad leotard.

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