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Second venue opening

Recreational classes info :

We have now secured a second venue for Dyson gymnastics club at Glebe Hall in Glebe Villas, Hove and we will be opening this venue for sessions from September 2017 to run along side our existing venue at Ralli hall.

This will primarily be a tumbling venue and as such will have trampolines, tumble track & trampettes as the main pieces the gymnasts will work on but will additionally have training beams and a training bar and space dependant may have a small vault.

We will be running sessions for recreational gymnasts as follows :

  • Wednesday 4pm to 5pm - 4 years to 8 years

  • Wednesday 5pm to 6pm - 8 years and older

  • Friday 4pm to 5pm - 4 years to 8 years

  • Friday 5pm to 6pm - 8 years and older

  • Saturday & Sunday 10am to 11am - 4 years to 8 years

  • Saturday & Sunday 11am to 12pm - 8 years and older

We will be introducing Thursday sessions at the same times and ages as the Friday from the October term if interested in the Thursday sessions please let me know and we can move you to these from week commencing 23rd October.

This venue is close to the Portslade end of Hove and will have a small amount of on sight parking.

Squad classes info :

Listed below are all the squad groups we will be running and a description of whats involved in each style.

Glebe Hall - Hove

  • Wednesdays - 6pm to 8pm - GFA (gymnastics for all) groups & Club 3 & National level Tumble groups

  • Fridays - 6pm to 8pm - Tumble groups all levels

  • Saturdays - 12pm to 2pm - Tumble groups all levels

  • Saturdays - 2pm to 4pm - Tumble groups all levels

  • Saturdays - 12pm to 4pm - Club 3 & National level Tumble groups

  • Sundays - 10am -12pm - GFA groups

  • Sundays - 12pm to 2pm - General groups

  • Sundays - 2pm to 4pm - General groups

  • Sundays - 12pm to 4pm - Artistic & prep groups

Ralli Hall - Hove

  • Sunday - 10am to 12pm - GFA

  • Sunday - 12pm to 2pm - Acro club levels trios & pairs

  • Sunday - 12pm to 4pm - Acro national level pairs

  • Sunday - 2pm to 6pm - Festivals (previously called Display)

  • Sunday - 4pm to 6pm - Festivals

Below is a little information about each group to help you make your choice if you need to change from your existing style of gymnastics.


This group will now cover most of our starter level groups so many of those at novice level floor & vault, club level 1 & 2 tumble & starter Acro gymnasts will be offered this group. This group will train in a wide variety of skills including tumble, floor, vault, bar & beam and will be offered competitions in any of the 3 disciplines and also occasionally TeamGym.

The main advantage of this group will be giving the gymnasts the chance to work a variety of skills so that they can still choose at a later time to specialise in a discipline if they want without being restricted to one style at the present time.

There will be a GFA group starting at Glebe on Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm in the second half term (October 23rd on wards) if this group is useful to you let me know and you can move to this group in October.

General (floor & vault) :

This group will work primarily on floor & vault (with a lesser focus on beam & bar but these pieces will still be done for the occasional competitions that include these pieces) and will continue working towards the Novice level and higher competitions.

This group will have a high focus on the skills required for general competitions.

There will be a general group starting at Glebe on Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm in the second half term (October 23rd onwards) if this group is useful to you let me know and you can move to this group in October.

Tumble :

This has previously been used as our starter squad with us beginning kids in tumble then moving them to disciplines that suit them better (or progressing them in tumble) and as such will see the highest number of gymnasts being offered either GFA or other styles of squads with the rearrange, please don't be upset by this it is purely because we are now in a position to better streamline our groups in to the styles that suit the gymnasts and for those in the starter levels I feel giving them a GFA group that means their options are still open is better than keeping them tied to a style that may not suit them.

Tumble is the group that works up to long complex routines on a tumble track.

The training for this group will now be heavily focused on the skills required with very little time being spent on skills which are not used in tumble.

Acro :

This is the style that has gymnasts working in pairs or trios to produce a floor routine (at national level to music).

We are offering a 2 hour starter group and a 4 hour advanced group for pairs (trios will only have the 2 hour starter group)

Festivals :

This is the group formerly called 'display' this group takes part in events on stages around the country and perform up to a 6 minute routine to music. This is a group that has no competitions but does around 3 events a year with these often being weekends events like Gym for life in Liverpool meaning they have weekend stays as part of the costs for this group.

Artistic :

This group is our highest level group working towards the women's artistic style that will hopefully result in taking part in high level competitions.

I am often asked about these groups so to explain a little more this is a group that requires real commitment and to become a high level artistic gymnasts requires kids to start at around 8 hours a week at 5/6 years old and by the time gymnasts are 7 years old they are often to late to begin in one of these groups as the level of ability required for women's artistic is very high.

Sorry for the long email hopefully this will help you get an idea of what to do in September for your child please remember we want the kids to be happy and to do what suits them so once you receive your email recommending a group if it doesn't suit you do come back and discuss with me and we will help rearrange where possible.

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